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thursday, 23rd november 2017

16-17.04.2015 - LNG Masterplan Supply-Demand Analysis Seminar, Galati

LNG Logo colourOn 16-17 April 2015, Transport Trade Services S.A. (TTS S.A.)  and National Company “The Maritime Danube Ports Administration” J.S. Company Galati are organising in Galati, Romania a LNG supply-demand seminar in order to inform public and private stakeholders about the status of activities to facilitate LNG infrastructure in the Port of Galati and to inform on the progress of the feasilibity study for a small-scale LNG terminal in the Port of Constanta. This seminar will give the chance to raise the awareness of concerned authorities and public administrations for the benefits of LNG as environmentally friendly transport fuel, to identify interested stakeholders for the realization of the terminals and to launch cooperation talks. For more details, please contact Mr Serban Cucu (TTS).

08-10.04.2015 - STC-Group organises LNG Bunkering Course in Rotterdam

LNG Logo colourWithin the sub-activity dealing with ‘Education and Training Requirements’ of the LNG Masterplan project a competency framework regarding the training and development of personnel working with LNG has been developed. Specific knowledge is required to perform the task related to e.g. bunkering and terminal operations in an adequate and safe manner. This framework serves as a basis for lesson materials and other didactical tools to provide hands-on experience during training. STC-Group has developed these material and the next step is to carry out a pilot class to validate the training and receive feedback from stakeholders to improve the course.

The course starts with several e-learning modules to cover the basic knowledge regarding LNG. Via an online learning management system these modules can be accessed at a convenient time and place. Next are lessons in classrooms, followed by sessions using simulators and practical training facilities.

This pilot class will be given between 8-10 April 2015 and will be held in Rotterdam. STC-Group would like to invite all project partners to join this pilot class free of charge with max. 2 participants per partner. Please note: the class will be given in Dutch! Leaflets with the course outline can be downloaded here (NL) and here (EN). For more details, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

01-03.04.2015 - CERONAV organises pilot course LNG as cargo

LNG Logo colourCERONAV organizes on 01-03 April 2015 the pilot course LNG as cargo in Galati, Romania, with NAVROM employees as trainees. The course is delivered in Romanian and takes place at the Information and Training Info Danube Center Galati. This course is the third in a series of four organized by CERONAV during the LNG Masterplan project implementation period. It is expected that in September 2015, CERONAV will organise a pilot course to support staff working at LNG terminals. This class will be held in Ruse, Bulgaria.

17-18.03.2015 - 2nd NGVA Europe's Regional Seminar L-CNG for Transport

NGVA Europe’s 2nd regional seminar focusing on L-CNG for Transport takes place on 17-18 March 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. This event will bring together key representatives from the European natural gas transport industry, final users and other delegates with a special interest in L-CNG. The panel of speakers comprises of more than 30 high-level speakers from major gas companies and OEMs. The event foresees 5 different sessions which are followed by discussion panels as well as an exhibition area with many marketing opportunities. In addition, the event will offer its participants important networking opportunities to interact, debate and learn from each other. More information about this event, you may find out from here.

16-17.03.2015 - Workshop " LNG Qualification"

On 16 March 2015 in Hamburg and on 17 March 2015 in Leer a special workshop entitled "LNG Qualification" will be held. The workshop will be organised by LNG Initiative Nordwest and aims at presenting the status of IMO-HTW (Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping) developments concerning LNG crew. In addition, training concepts for the operation of the ship and the bunkering processes are presented. In this context, e-learning and computer-based simulation solutions will be also shown. For more information, you may refer to the event's website here.

24-25.02.2015 - LNG Shipping Conference

On 24-25 February 2015, in London, the 6th international LNG Shipping Conference will take place. This year's event will provide an essential global industry analysis on the key issues impacting global LNG transportation including: outlook on the future of LNG supply from the U.S., Russia, Africa and Australia, assess the latest technical innovations in engine and containment systems to improve LNG carrier efficiency, examine growth areas in small scale LNG and the impact this has on the LNG carrier market, explore the developing options for fleet finance and assess the world of MLPs as well as receive an update from the Panama Canal Authority on how the expansion will impact LNG carriers. More information about this event you may retrieve here.

10-12.02.2015 - FPSO Europe Congress 2015

The European edition of the FPSO World Congress series takes place on 10-12 February 2015, in London. The FPSO Europe Congress will focus on the biggest challenges and opportunities faced by FPSO projects in the North Sea and West Africa, bringing together key European-based oil operators, vessel contractors, EPCs and solution providers. With over 120 delegates, the FPSO Europe Congress is the premier FPSO Europe conference that key stakeholders are attending. For more information, you may refer to the event's website here.

09.02.2015 - Slovak Premiere of a LNG Fuelled Bus

LNG Logo colourOn 9 February 2015, in Dunajska Streda - Slovakia, Danube LNG EEIG, will host the premiere of a LNG fuelled bus, SOLBUS SM 12.  The event is organised as part of the LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube project and will offer the participants the chance to find out more information about liquefied natural gas as a fuel as well as to learn more about the project. In addition, practical demonstrations of the operation of an LNG fuelled bus will be performed. For more information, you may refer to the event's invitation here.

05.02.2015 - Prospects and potentials of low-emission LNG in northwest Germany

LNG Initiative Nordwest organises on 5 February 2015 between 16:00 and 18:00, in Leer, a special conference dedicated to the results of a study assessing what are the perspectives and potential of low-emission LNG obtained from bio sources in northwestern Germany. The study was elaborated by two professors from the University of Emden - Leer and offers an understanding on the several decisive factors such as production costs, environmental effects, etc. For more details, please refer to the attached invitation. The language of discussion is German.

29.01.2015 - LNG Masterplan Supply-Demand Analysis Seminar, Constanta

LNG Logo colourOn 29 January 2015, Transport Trade Services (TTS) and Constanta Port Authority are organising a special supply-demand analysis seminar as part of the LNG Masterplan project. The objectives of the seminar are to inform the public and private stakeholders about the status of activities to facilitate a small-scale LNG terminal deployment in the Port of Constanta as part of the EU-funded LNG Masterplan project, to raise the awareness of concerned authorities and public administrations, to identify LNG pioneer partners, to discuss development options and possible implementation strategy for the terminal and to prepare the grounds for an international LNG seminar taking place in Galati (foreseen for March/April 2015). The event's agenda can be downloaded here.